Stand Design

Design and layout of each stand directly impacts on the overall standard of the Expo and must reflect the highest level of planning and effort in execution by all exhibitors.

Exhibits should reflect the theme "Raw Comfort"

Should an exhibitor not have a suitable exhibit, custom-designed stand or walling, the “Package - Shell Scheme” option becomes mandatory as part of the contract. Floor Space stands must have walling constructed of acceptable material and a minimum height of 2.5m - proper consideration must be given to the exposed areas on the adjacent sides of the walling. Exhibits are to be displayed within the parameters of the stand and may not encroach upon adjacent stands or aisle space.

The Organiser reserves the right to:

  • Close any stand not conforming to the acceptable standards of the exhibition
  • Prevent companies not contracted to exhibit from ‘sharing’ exhibition space without prior notification and approval from the Organisers

Stand Design Submission

Exhibitors with Floor Space, i.e. custom designed stands must submit a plan or drawing of the intended construction to the Organiser for approval. The drawing should give sufficient detail to determine the general size, configuration, materials of construction and the use of the proposed stand. Any additional structural detail, i.e. walls measuring more than 2.5m in height, multi-story designs, wooden structures and bridges, which will determine structural safety is required.

Exhibitors on Prime Stands at the entrances and restaurants are reminded that visual appeal and layout of your stand is paramount and that you are responsible for laying your own flooring which is compulsory -

Deadline for Stand Design Submission is Friday, 19 July 2019. Email to

Structural Engineer Certificate (BDM 13)

A Structural Engineer Certificate (BDM 13) Complete with floor plans incorporating front, side and top elevation is required on completion of any stand with walling higher than 3 metres, multi-story stands and stands with roofs and/ or ceilings.

Stand Payments

Deadline for final payment was 28 June 2019.

Product Profile

The product profile must be strictly in line with the home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle profile of the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo. Only products/ services specified in the contract and approved by the Organisers are to be exhibited.

The Organiser reserves the right to close any exhibitor’s stand displaying products or goods unrelated to the home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle theme of the Expo.

If you are uncertain of any product you wish to display or any promotional material you wish to distribute during the Expo, please contact the Organiser before Friday, 19 July 2019 for approval.