Prohibited Marketing Practices

  • Exhibitors may not hand out marketing material from any area other than their stands. Marketing material being distributed from areas other than stands will be confiscated, especially from companies not exhibiting at the Expo
  • Exhibitors may not solicit clients in the aisles
  • Exhibitors are to conduct themselves in a professional manner so as to maintain an amiable relationship with their neighbouring exhibitors
  • Banners may not be hung from the roof or walls of the venue
  • The Organiser should be informed immediately if exhibitors are harassed by third parties soliciting business
  • Alterations to stands or removal of items from stands may be necessary in the interest of the aesthetic of show, at the Organiser’s discretion
  • If demonstrations cause obstructions within the aisles and/ or to neighbouring stands, the Organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action