The Organiser provides 24 hour general security for the duration of the show, and does not take responsibility for any article brought in by exhibitors, staff, agents, and/ or members of the public or any person whatsoever. Only the Official Security Contractor is allowed representation at the Expo. No private security guards will be permitted entry.

Stand Security

Exhibitors wishing to arrange dedicated security at their stands should order directly from Event Solutions. Click here to ORDER.
Deadline is Wednesday, 31 July 2019.


General Security will cease at 16:00 on Monday, 02 September 2019. Items or displays not removed by that time will be disposed of by the Organiser at the expense of the exhibitor


  • Be especially alert during Build-up and Breakdown – do not leave your stand unattended
  • Escort your exhibits/ goods to and from your stand
  • Treat valuable goods such as prototypes as irreplaceable
  • Cellphones, electronic devices, laptops, TVs, and small items are particularly vulnerable to theft
  • Obtain proper insurance coverage for your goods during Build-up, Expo and Breakdown including transit to and from the CTICC
  • Hire an expo screen to safeguard your valuable items on your stand - applicable to Package – Shell Scheme Stands only
  • Exhibitors are to refrain from employing casual labourers from outside the venue and parking areas. Should you require casual labour, kindly contact Exhibition Freighting on 021 552 7248
  • Ensure that cellphones are kept safely at ALL times

Emergency Procedure

Exhibitors must familiarise themselves with the layout of the venue, the location of emergency exits, and the nearest fire extinguishers and hydrants.

In the Event of an Emergency:

  • Dial 5252 from the nearest CTICC landline or 021 410 5100, and notify the Expo Organisers IMMEDIATELY
  • The CTICC Emergency Management Team will take charge of the situation
  • Always follow instructions given by members of the Emergency Management Team
  • The Emergency Management Team will indicate escape routes and exits to be used
  • Remain calm, leave the building as quickly and orderly as possible, adhering to the instructions of the Emergency Management Team
  • The Emergency Management Team will notify Emergency Services

First Aid

First Aid is provided for the duration of Build-up, Expo and Breakdown. The CTICC's Clinic can be found in the foyer of P3 Basement Parking. Paramedics will also be stationed within the Exhibition Halls.