Stand Construction & Loading Door Dimensions

  • Exhibitors are requested to limit heavy building and construction in the venue during Build-up. It is advisable to pre-fabricate as much as possible off-site and to limit the work in the venue to assembly and finishing
  • Welding inside the venue is not allowed. Where no alternative is possible, approval from the Organiser is required and a Hot Works Permit must be obtained from the CTICC
  • No angle grinders are allowed inside the building. An area in the Marshalling Yard will be demarcated for angle grinding, tile/ marble cutting, etc.
  • All loading doors are 5,3m high and 7,2m wide

Structure Stability

The structure of a stand must safely sustain the combined dead and imposed loads without any deflection or deformation which will impair stability. No solid ceilings may be used without prior permission.

Walls shall be constructed of acceptable material:

  • Non-combustible material
  • Flame resistant timber of any thickness
  • Flame resistant plastic and boarding
  • Chipboard or block board more than 16mm thick

Stand Dimensions

  • Exhibitors with Floor Space Stands must ensure that the outside measurements of their stand construction falls within their stand size
  • Thickness of the walls must be taken into consideration during planning and construction of stands
  • The accepted wall height of stands is 2,5m and exhibitors are requested to adhere to this measurement as far as possible. If the walls of your stand are higher than 2,5m proper consideration must be given to the exposed areas on adjacent sides so as not to affect the aesthetic look of neighbouring stands or of the show in general

Stand Building


Should your stand have walls higher than 2.5 metres and be higher than your neighbours’, it is your responsibility to finish the back of the extending wall neatly and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The ablution facilities are, under no circumstances, to be used for cleaning of any equipment or material whatsoever. Special clean-up facilities are provided in the Marshalling Yard. Kindly inform your staff in this regard. All materials used for decorative finishes to stands must comply with the following:

  • Be able to pass a test of flammability or for surface spread of flame
  • Be fixed taut or in tight pleats to a solid backing
  • Secured at floor level
  • Shall not ignite when subjected to a flame for ten seconds
  • Any paint used must be water-based. The use of paint sprayers in the venue is not permitted
  • Cavities and spaces around stands may not be used for storage of product, empty boxes, crates, cartons or packaging material

Stand Completion

All stands must be completed by 22:00 on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 to enable final cleaning. The Organiser reserves the right to close any stand not finished by this time.

Stand Cleaning

Vacuuming of stands will take place daily during nightshift. Notify the Organiser beforehand should your stand be inaccessible during that time. Exhibitors are requested not to remove the aisle dirt bins for use on their stands as these are for the convenience of visitors. Please provide own dirt bin on stand, or hire from GL events.