• Items for hire are for the duration of the Expo only
  • Exhibitors who opt to hire items are liable for the items until it is returned
  • In the event of loss or damage, the hirer is liable to pay the full replacement cost in addition to the hiring cost on receipt of invoice
  • Certain services are obtainable directly from the CTICC, and other official service providers. Exhibitors who place direct orders for these services will be invoiced by the service provide and not the Organiser

Audio Visual

Order all audio visual requirements directly from INHOUSE VTM


  • Complete Carpeting Form if you would like a different carpet colour or do not require carpeting on your stand, i.e. if you will be tiling/ paving your stand - Deadline is Friday, 19 July 2019.
  • All stands, aisles and common areas in the Main Halls will be carpeted. Stands will have grey coloured carpets, except Feature Areas and Prime Stands – please refer to compulsory flooring on stand specs summary emailed to you
  • Kindly note that carpets are included in the stand cost, and are not subject to rebate

Credit Card Facilities

Click on the WAPPoint Brochure for more information and to ORDER Mobile Credit Card Facilities.

Drayage & Portage

Should you require drayage or portage services, order directly from Exhibition Freighting. Click here to ORDER.

DSTV Satellite Connection

Exhibitors wishing to arrange DStv Satellite Connection at their stands should order directly from the CTICC – contact Ernest on 021 410 5047 or email

Electrical Services

  • One 15Amp plug point is supplied – stands larger than 18m² are entitled to two plug points
  • Additional lighting or electrical points can be ordered. Please complete Electrical Services Form - Deadline is Friday, 19 July 2019
  • Only the electrical contractors hired by the Organisers (GL events) are permitted to carry out electrical installations, and will supply a standby service for the duration of the Expo for their electrical equipment
  • An Electrical Certificate of Compliance must be supplied should an electrical contractor other than GL events be used for electrical wiring
  • Clients requiring an electrical connection for own lighting must submit a stand design and layout to the Organiser for approval. The detail on the stand design and layout should clearly indicate the electrical requirements for the stand and should be submitted by Friday, 19 July 2019

Exhibiting Name

  • Package – Shell Scheme stand exhibitors must complete Exhibiting Name Form indicating the company name to appear on the fascia board above your stand
  • Package - Premium, Art Wall and Back Wall stand exhibitors must complete Exhibiting Name Form indicating the company name to appear in vinyl on your back wall
  • Exhibiting Names should have a maximum of 20 characters - Deadline is Friday, 19 July 2019 
  • Floor Space stands are to provide their own corporate identity as per the contract, therefore the above is not applicable
  • No signage may be placed on fascia boards supplied by the Organisers


Order event flooring directly from:

Furniture Hire

Order additional furniture directly from:


Expressions Photography, together with their commissioned assistants are appointed by the Organiser to take photographs during the exhibition. These are the only photographers permitted to photograph at the expo. Should you require photography services, please contact André or Selma Ohlsson on 082 370 4800 or email

Plumbing & Water Supply

  • The Exhibition Hall is equipped with Service Trenches in the floor carrying water and electricity supplies
  • Once the floor of a stand is built, the trenches cannot be accessed. For that reason, water supply must be installed before Exhibitors start Build-up. No plumbing and water supply requests will be possible once Build-up has started
  • Once-off fill-up during Build-up and drainage during Breakdown is possible. Please supply own siphoning pipes during Breakdown. There is no charge for this service
  • Exhibitors wishing to arrange for plumbing and water supply at their stands should order directly from the CTICC – contact Ernest on 021 410 5047 or email

Stand Catering

Should Exhibitors require catering on their stand during the Expo, orders can be placed directly with the CTICC - contact Ernest on 021 410 5047 or email All payments must be made by credit card. CTICC rules state that no outside catering companies may be contracted during the expo.

Stand Cleaning

Vacuuming will take place during nightshift. Kindly notify the Organiser beforehand should your stand be inaccessible during that time.

Stand Building - Custom Stand Design

Stand Security

Exhibitors wishing to arrange dedicated security at their stands should order directly from Event Solutions. Click here to ORDER.


Exhibitors wishing to arrange telecoms and IT for use at their stands should order directly from the CTICC. Contact Ernest on 021 410 5047 or email